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Tips for Choosing Right Color and Patterns of Tiles

Color and Pattern Selection

Color and pattern selection are essential for achieving the desired look and feel when selecting tiles for your area. With so many color options, you may customize the tiles to match your current decor or create a striking statement.


Neutral colors such as whites, beige, and grays are timeless choices that serve as versatile backdrops for various designs. These classic hues have the power to expand small spaces visibly and create an illusion of largeness. By choosing colors like whites, beige, and grays, you can create a neutral root that completes the perfect look of your home. (To check out the tiles in netural and vibrant color check out our range to tiles)

Vibrant hues, on the other hand, like blues, greens, or yellows, color can give your room life and character.


When making a decision on which tiles to choose, it is important to consider patterns along with color factors. By Combining subtle patterns like stripes or geometric forms, the space can be visually appealing without being Invincible.

When you are aiming to bring attention to a specific trait or establish a central point of interest, these features can work exceptionally well in the space.

When opting for a more bold design direction, tangled patterns such as those inspired by Moroccan aesthetics or vibrant mosaics can fill your space with a unique character and ambiance.

These bold patterns can make a important visual impact when strategically placed on main walls or imbeded into the décor of kitchens and bathrooms. The blend of these detailed designs can boost the overall look and feel of the room, adding a touch of cultural richness and artistry to the environment.


In the end, experimenting with various color schemes and design styles lets you choose the ideal tile arrangement that complements your sense of style and elevates the overall look of your living area.

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